Dear Editor,

Olsem Jeaman blong Upper Council blong ol Chiefs blong Nangariamel Movement, mi wantem ansa long wan nius we i kam aot long Daily Post issue No. 5416 konsenem re-admission blong Minista blong Faenans, Gaetan Pikioune, insaed long wan so called Vemarana Nangriamel Original Movement.

Upper Council hemi sorry blong luk se Minista Pikioune hemi yusim ol pikinini blong late Jimmy Steven long self interes blong hem nomo.

Upper Council of Chiefs blong Nangriamel Movement hemi wantem talem long ol pipol blong hem tru aot long Vanuatu sei long 13th September, 2007 i bin kat wan Court Judgement we i restrenem ol pikinini blong late Jimmy Steven wetem ol frens, agents etc blong no yusim name ia Nangriamel wetem logo blong hem.

Nangriamel we late Timothy Wales i lidim hemi stret Nangariamel Movement we tete Chief Abel Nako hemi kam President long hem afta long death blong late Timothy Wales.

Therefore, miting we Minister Pikioune hemi atendem long Fanafo i no kat effect long hem.

Sapos ol pikinini blong late Jimmy Steven oli wantem yusim name blong Nangriamel Movement oli mas joenem Nagriamel Movement we Chief Abel Nako hemi headem, hemia I folem Court Judgement blong 13th September 2007 we I rule long feva blong grup we late Timothy Wales hemi lidim.

Chief James Tangis

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