Dear Editor,

Comment blong mi long front peij story long issue no# 5535 long Satedei 13 Oktoba 2018 – “the council of ministers has agreed to issue two medical cannabis licenses, one promises the largest legal cannabis planation in the world”.

Long 2006, RVS Tukoro hemi bin arrestem mifala long Melip, south west Malekula from cannabis plant. Mifala kam pas long court from Law we parliament I pasm se cannabis (marijuana) hemi no allow blong planem/salem or consume (kaikai).

Long taem ya mifala talem long Magistrate mo Supreme court se Cannabis (Marijuana) hemi wan medical tree weh I givim wise.

Through long ol court case blong mifala prosecution hemi talem tree ia cannabis (marijuana) hemi save kilim man/women o nogat pikinini, mo mekem man/women kranke. Be mifala talem se mifala no agree long tingting we olgeta (Jastis) I talem, so mifala I sentence long jail from cannabis(Marijuana).

Mifala(Melip) gat sem case long 2011 mo 2013.

Long desisen blong COM long Issue No# 5535 ia, I mean se Biological process hemi change I go long scientific process. One (1) example: Tobacco hemi wan natural plant, so hemi change I kam olsem cigarette.

Question, Tobacco natural pure hemi gat hamas chemical compare wetem cigarette?

Long way we man/women I planem cannabis/Marijuana olsem long naturally (biological), after hemi smokem o kaikai o skwisim leaf after drink, hemi no save curem sick compare wetem scientific processing system?

Mifala usum cannabis (marijuana) olsem wan tree blong peace. Long langwis blong mifala (Melip) se Aitamat (tree blong peace), mifala usum also olsem medicine mo long religious believe blong mifala.

Programme blong mifala wetem tree ia Aitamat o cannabis/marijuana mifala kollem “Vortamat”. Long Lanwis blong mifala (min se world peace).

Mifala wantem askem long yumi everiwan se long way we mifala long Melip I talem o usum marijuana/ cannabis, hemi no save curem sick long wan man/women compare wetem tufala company we I wantem mekem medicine long marijuana (cannabis) long Santo?

Mifala laekem biological process mo than scientific processing method.

Please government no forgetem mifala olsem ol ni-Vanuatu mo local farmer.

Yumi gat wan law nomo blong cannabis/marijuana long Vanuatu.

Why bae government I letem long kampani blong oversea be mifala?

Thank you tumas long attention blong yumi everiwan

God bless.

Kevin Tohran

Toman lsland

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