Happened in 1967 on 10th January.

Usual breakfast– boiled malele [sometimes ripe, although rarely];

Lunch– navara, pawpaw and various fruits when in season;

Dinner — kumala and island cabbage, readily available was the reason.

This went on for a while until he went to school,

Where tinned fish was a delicacy,

And the occasional corned beef – was a sight to see.

Then came the radio, and he learned

That there’re all kinds of tinned food in Vila & Santo, the urban.

So he studied very hard; completed all homework and asked for more!

He knew he wanted to go out into the world

And see what else is to eat beyond the shore!

At Onesua High, he discovered cassava,

With plenty bullocks, became a beef soup lover,

He decided his mantle was to feed more cattle,

So finding be beef soup would not always be a battle

But alas he had to leave OHS...problem was where would he get the beef?

At Malapoa, there is no farm.......but, but, ice-cream.

And the never ending hot rice for lunch it seemed!

Problem persisted – no farm and no ice-cream factory — so what to do?

Must go to NZ...again, studied hard; did work,

To find the golden animal that goes “moo”!

In NZ, had allowances, so spent on beef, ice-cream and occasional beer –

Soon beer and smokes in the front of the shopping list

And beef at the rear.

Back home, Mrs arrived, followed by children;

Still beer, ice-cream, Beef and chicken.

No more island cabbage, malele, kumala and fruits.

No more taro manioc or pumpkin shoots

To cut long story short and sound,

The more he saw the sun go down,

10 January became unhealthy,

And he became grumpy.....

People said “Change your diet!”

Doctors told him, Politicians told him, Wife told him, Children told him

To all he said no, everything is all right.

Then………….he told himself

It was the dawn of a new era

Return to natural diet so you may live forever.

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