Mi Harem Se

• Mi harem se there is a famous All Black doing the rounds in Port Vila, seems he has taken his football skills are as good as his tourist skills, he certainly has been tight around the rucks and more than happy to go off a break around the fringes fingers crossed he can maintain his momentum there is a few resorts and Bars that certainly hope so. Silip!

• Mi harem se seems that Nautilus had some unexpected renovations done on their house during the week with a heavy vehicle [being a truck from a local company] decided to literally drop in… seems they thought that a truck stop was needed in port Vila. Silip!

• Mi harem se North met South at a New Hotel in town, many have complained about their arrogance previously, however the manager managed to take it to a new level by infuriating a Santo boy with his lack of service, its alleged that it is more of a nursery then a resort with lights out at 8.30 pm talk about child care. Silip!

• Mi harem se salt water he rough le Vanuatu politics back again with talk of a motion of no confidence being presented to many, perhaps the lone ranger approach has not worked that well, will we see change or will we see a wasted week who knows who will win but one thing for sure is we the people must be put first. Silip!

• Mi harem se a simple apology for inferring that we had a new Ambassador to Vanuatu from Germany, we in fact have a New Ambassador to Australia and the Pacific and the Local German Consular is still the German Representative for Germany to Vanuatu, I trust this clears this up. Silip!

• Mi harem se the Swedish Ambassador to Australia will give her credentials to the President of Vanuatu next Tuesday and then take a trip to Santo to visit the West Coast, we trust they will keep their clothes on when they visit the land of Hope. Silip!

• Mi harem se… the new canteen is open at USP and is going gangbusters, its open to the public and very affordable and very delicious as well as fresh, local and delicious. Silip!

• Mi harem se Pacer Plus was signed to give Vanuatu citizen’s access to Australia and New Zealand with automatic entry same as they have to us, now we learn this was some poor reporting and in fact the PM signed because he wanted too with no benefit to Vanuatu at all, no wonder the salt water is rough. Silip!

• Mi harem se the COI task force is set to remove the Board of VNPF and review any and all decisions they have made as well as identify if any criminal charges that need to be laid, finally someone is taking this seriously. Silip!

• Mi harem se the Ministry of Justice is going to establish a similar task force to investigate the tragic deaths of 4 Ni-Vanuatu citizens at sea 2 years ago when the MGY sank for no other reason than lack of maintenance and those responsible may find themselves with criminal charges as well, fantastic work. Silip!

• Mi harem se…fuel prices are set to drop in light of the revelations last week of the companies responsible for price gouging, it’s about time. Silip!

• Mi harem se finally we have some smokes, it appears the reason we had close to zero cigarettes was not an effort by the ministry of health to makes us a smoke free nation it was in fact to bring us into line with our treaties for the way we deal with cigarette pack advertising and the new packs featuring disgusting slogans were delayed slightly and we all did it tough for a bit, seems all back on track and be interesting to see how we all get to change our methods to avoid the graphic pics. Silip!

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