Dear Editor,

Tank yu blong alaoem mi blong save kommen long Daily Post Isiu no. 5667 we I tokbaot faenal isiu blong aotstanding land rent.

Olsem wan sitisen blong kaontri mi ting se mi gat raet blo talem smol tingting blo mi. Honarebol Minista Alfred Maoh, hao nao bambae mifala I mekem wetem Vt36,000 minimum wage?

Bil blong laet, bil blong wota, skul fee, botel gas, land rent, property tax, road tax, kontribiusen blong VNPF, assurens blong trak, reniu blong driving license mo kakae blo evry dei.

Olgeta we oli no save affodem blong mitim peimen oli shud transferem lease taetel blong graon I go long ol yang memba blong famli. Blong transfer lease lukluk blong mi bae I kam semak nomo mi tokbaot yumi man ples.

Longtem long country ol commercial bank oli no help. NBV hemi kamap wetem tingting blong 30 yia loan repayment.

Long Daily Post isiu no.5673 I tokbaot tingting blong Gavman blong gat 4 niu Ministri. Bambae mane blong hem ia I kam wea? Hu ia bae I mekem salary/bajet blong ol 4 niu ministri ia sapos I happen?

Babi Lichi

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