Dir Editor,

Tank yu blong mi save mekem sam koment abaot wan artikol we i kamaot long nius pepa blong Satedei mo emi abaot ol kansa blong ol woman.

Yes i gud tumas blong kat sam aksen we i happen long saed ia from i tru, yumi stap lusum fulap mama wetem kansa blong basket blong pikinini mo blong titi.

Yumi no save talem gud from ol statistic ol i no klia o i no kat. Be sori blong talem se wanem ia we i happen finis emi gud be emi no inaf from i kat hundred blong ol woman we ol i neva kat wan examinasen long saed ia.

From wanem mi talem olsem? Wan, yumi no kat inaf nes we ol i kolem midwaef mo we ol i stap lukaotem helt blong ol mama.

Namba tu: i no kat inaf spesel instrument we yumi kolem “speculum” blong mekem ol examinasen ia mo wanem blong mekem sterilizasen o strong klinap blong ol tul ia.

Tri, i nidim gud organisasem blong helt blong sendem ol mama i ko pas long bik hospital blong ol i save tekem aksen we mama i nidim.

Namba for, i mas kat gud foloap blong ol mama ia.

Long ples ia mi kat wan kuesten: ol klinik/hospital long aelan, ol i kat sam paoa blong referem ol pipol taem i kat nid?

Mi save wan bebe blong famle long aelan, we i ded mo klosap mama tu i ded, from i bikwan tumas mo no save bon, be ol i no sendem mama fes taem blong kat wan sizar seksen o katem bel, blong bebe i save bon mo laef.

Blong kambak long ol kansa blong ol woman, mi wantem talem wan bikfala tank yu long Faondasen Ikkana we i stap pem wan nes blong em i ko mekem ol examinasen blong ol woman blong wan wik long ol aelan mo referem ol mama we i nidim, mo i stap pem wetem mane blong hem emwan nomo wetem gud hart.

Emia nao som samting we mi wantem sherem wetem yumi ol woman mo man Vanuatu, blong yumi tingting hevi long em blong mekem wanem yumi save mekem.

Yes, yumi nidim ol woman long Parlemen blong mekem Vanuatu i respectem reprodaktiv raet blong ol woman from Papa God nao i krietem mifala olsem.

Blandine Boulekone

Fes ED blong VFHA

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