Dear Editor,

Every Vanuatuan is keen to see the development of jobs to secure the future for their children and grandchildren in our glorious island home,rather than overseas.

Our Government is wisely investing in University education to assist the brightest of our children, but more could be done to create jobs for our children at tradesman and skilled levels.

Too often tourists in Vanuatu see migrant workers filling many trades and lesser skilled jobs in stores and supermarkets, and they could be excused for thinking they were in another country.

How can this be justified when many Vanuatuans are unemployed?

Our schools are overloaded with students, but how many of them find jobs in Vanuatu?

It is suggested that the Government could take several measures immediately to tackle this unfortunate situation, and safeguard the future.

1. Labour requirements for expat companies and workers could be tightened by imposing a quota for Vanuatuan workers.

2. All companies using skilled migrant labour could be required to organise apprentice and other training to pass on new skills to Vanuatuans.

3. The Government could subsidise apprentice training in companies.

4. The Government could ensure that all Government job vacancies are filled on the basis of merit and experience, rather than family.

These issues could be taken up by all fathers and mothers of Vanuatuan children, in order to protect future generations.

Comments appreciated.

PSB Santo

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