Dear Editor,

I am a USP law student, writing this letter to voice my concern about future employment.

Lately, new University graduates have issued complaints, involving lack of job opportunities and “unfair” criteria for job applications, that requires the applicant to have at least a few years’ experience.

As a future employee, the impending outcome of this issue makes me anxious.

Being a modern day single mum is tough, when you’re unable to obtain a steady job.

This is what makes me and other single mothers concerned about our future.

Four or more years spent studying, so that we can one day get a descent, respectable job.

No-doubt we will feel abandoned by our own country’s trail of broken promises.

I have personally met a few 2014 graduates who still haven’t found a job due to lack of jobs, not having much experience and not finding work particularly in the field they have studied for.

As a result many of them are left with little to no choice. Either they are left jobless or end up doing jobs that do not need a qualification.

A solution to such issue could be for us students to involve ourselves in internships.

By doing an internship, students can get a firsthand experience of what to expect when they join the workforce.

Through their interaction with other experienced colleagues, students will adopt useful skills. Most significantly, they will also develop a good work reputation that will prove to be reliable when applying for a future occupation.

Nowadays many working employees have excelled or reached the retirement age.

The government should enforce the retirement age law in order to allow new people to be employed.

The government should also encourage and aid all adult citizens of Vanuatu of all ages and background to develop local businesses.

In return, not only will they benefit from this entrepreneurship but so will other people and Vanuatu’s economy.



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