Dear Editor,

I would like to reply to Mr Noal in regard to his comments about a letter to Editor I wrote.

I would like to respectfully ask Mr Noal to note that I in my letter did not use the "C" word.

I never called the police cowards.

He is the one who used that word. I would never equate being fearful as being a "coward".

I would like Mr Noal to know that I would indeed wear a uniform to fight crime in Port Vila even at the age of almost 69.

I wore a USAF uniform for 5 years and served two tours of duty in Vietnam at the height of the Vietnam war in 1967-1969 receiving a Purple heart and various other medals for my service.

I am proficient in small arms weapons from pistols to rifles.

I was even qualified to man the 50 caliper machine guns in CH48 Chinook helicopters.

Was I ever afraid, yes, but I never ran or called up sick when I had a duty to do regardless of how outnumbered we were and how hopeless it was.

Soldiering is not unlike police work.

I stand by my statement "It is your job to keep the peace and to attend to calls for help from the public when peace is shattered.

"If the police are afraid of the drunks in Freshwind (not Freshwater) then they should turn their uniform in and get a real job doing something else."

Yes, indeed the government should equip you with the right equipment.

As far as insurance, it would be advised and good but please advise me and the public who else in reality has job insurance in Vanautu.

Don't sign on for a job just for the shekels if you are not prepared to do the job.

I am not putting fuel on the fire it is already there in abundance.

Dr Huff

Eton Village

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