Dear Sir,

I want to express my frustration and anger to the Government, the Geohazard Department and the NDMO over the extended SOE that had extremely impacted our lives in a very negative way.

You can clearly see it by the expressions on the face of Ambaeans.Psychologically it has affected us and government had not provided treatment in this area.

The increased cases of NCDs relating to reckless food that we have been constantly fed, (rice and tinned fish), the very poor living conditions (not fit for any human being) and the governments lack of addressing basic human need issues and constantly making decision that affects our lives without any consultation with us or our chiefs, resulting in the increase number of our deaths.

Worse still we were forced to burry our love ones on other islands and that is a really sad thing to do.

Now that we are approaching the 26 November deadline, no information is forthcoming in relation to transport arrangement for our repatriation back to Ambae.

And we are anxious to know as its not helping our situation but making it worse.We are also getting suspicious that NDMO, The Geohazard and the Government might be planning another extension of their SOE.

Our instruction to NDMO and the Government is not to make further extension.

From now on if you want to do anything that affects the lives of Ambaeans, you must consult our chiefs first.

Your bigtime failure to take care our lives over the last 4 months has created an atmosphere where we no longer have respect for the Government or the NDMO or the Geohazard Department.

We know that the only major eruption that had ever occurred happened while we were still on Ambae and we had lived through it for 2 weeks before you forced us out.

By that time people had already been recovering from the dust and since then no major eruption of that same magnitude had ever occurred.

So what’s all these fuss about keeping the people of Ambae out of our Island?

We are seeing a pattern here where this disaster and the people of Ambae are being used as sacrificed lamb for the government to access free aid funding from overseas in the name of Manaro eruption but non of those funds ever gets to the Ambaeans.

People are getting hungry and just last week our Vila committee had to request the public for contributions to feed the people.

Thank you to all those good hearts in Vila who had in one way or another contributed to the good cause of assisting the people of Ambae in Vila. God will bless you all.

We have now lost trust in those government officers who are directly dealing with this issue. We don’t want to take further instructions from you. You are lying to us.

The only recognised authority we Ambaeans have and recognised now are our chiefs. They now hold extreme authority over our lives and our Island Ambae.

We have now realised that the government had caused more harm to our lives through the SOE and had deliberately destroyed our future by continuously delaying our return and its continuous dismantling of the institutions, and the assets on our Island that had been built by our hardworking fathers and grandfathers over the last 100 years.While the government had prevented us from going to our Island, It had been sending its officers to Ambae, and they had been removing things without the approval of our chiefs.

What’s the difference between them and us? Are those officers super humans that they can survive the volcanic eruption and not us? Well those were the first people to fled the island when the eruption occurred, not the Ambaeans. Please remember that removing things form the Island without the approval of our chiefs is in itself stealing by the Government.

Questions is what authority does the Government have to allow its people to trespass on our customary land while preventing us from going back? Ambae island is owned by the people of Ambae and not public land so Government or NDMO has no right to set foot on the island or remove things from it without the approval of our chiefs.

So don’t go roaming around there, you are trespassing on private land.

Manaro had not killed any single soul on Ambae but the SOE had killed over 20 people already and the number keeps increasing and only God knows how many will die in future as a result of the bad food being fed to the Ambaeans.

Tell you its hard to forget this type of treatment. Every promises that the government had made, in connection to Its SOE had not been fulfilled. Really its what’s called “cheap money talks and bullshit works”.

Denying support to our 7,000 people on Santo by the Government been a great lesson to us too and we had to asked ourselves, are we are still part of Vanuatu? The Government had forced us to move out of our Island, it wasn’t our choice but it denies us supports.

No other democratically elected government anywhere in the world would have done that. It’s only happening in Vanuatu and by the elected government of Vanuatu.

It could be classified as a state sponsored terror, a Vanuatu government sponsored terrorist activity by inflicting psychological damage to a group of people who had been denied government support and are victimized by the government’s badly advised decisions.

It could be a good case to try in a court of law, under a terrorist activity law and call on all the ministers and their DGs and Directors to stand trial for inflicting psychological terrorist act on Ambaeans.

Nevertheless, we are happy to declare Ambaean independence too, if that’s what the government is pushing us to do or maybe its something we have to think about and keep in mind for the future, if the government keeps on denying us services on Ambae.

Anyway, my whole point is we Ambaeans must return to our Island on 26 November 2018.

If the people of Tanna and Ambrym can live happily with volcanoes, why not Ambaeans? Please stop telling us bullshit scientific advice about volcanoes, we don’t need that anymore.

Our people are fed up with this hardship and must return home and that is a ruling by our recognised authority of Ambae, our chiefs and lastly we want NDMO to publish for public consumption details of how the aid money donated for the Manaro Volcano had been used.

Brian Moli


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