Dear Editor,

I write to voice my total no and disagreement concerning the government’s planned income tax, seeing evidently Ni-Vanuatu who blindly support the terrible Karl Marx income tax have no idea what this cursed tax would do with their already poverty stricken daily life as their letters to the editor have shown.

As a custom land owner of Efate which contributes over 70% of the Vanuatu government revenue for the last 36 years, when most islands in Vanuatu only contribute 10% or less than 10% each, I firmly believe this less informed government would do extremely better economically if it seriously listens and take heed from us the traditional land owners and definitely Efate-based investors who pay the majority of government taxes.

A classical example of my paying a direct tax, as a land owner the moment i signed a land lease with an investor automatically ten percent of the land value is paid directly to the government, not to mention registration fees plus other land related feed, not forgetting VAT and those amounts to millions of vatu.

To get the argument short, how much direct tax have you pro-income tax supporters were paying for last 36 years? Economic commonsense and economic facts in Australia, New Zealand and all Pacific countries will tell you imposing income tax will certainly kill the economic growth and lead to much more physical poverty.

By the way massive land on Santo and Malekula are sitting idle and not developed to grow the economy in a big way please man Santo mo Malekula no kam stap long Vila tumas, go back long lsland mo really developem ground blong yu emia nao true economy.

Chief Mantpaulep

Man blong pem tax

South Efate

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