Hasten Slowly

Cloud storms are forming in more ways than one what with the politics and then we have the bitter battle between China and Australian Aid Donors and what constitutes aid and what is a move to gain power over a sovereign state that seemingly lacks courage and fortitude to move forward with the independence they fought so hard for all those years ago.

We have leading members of their respective professions being excluded/repositioned from their jobs for speaking their mind, albeit in a neutral and professional way without hiding who they are or where they are from showing genuine leadership and not hiding behind a “Fake”.

Insecurity creeps into our elite sometimes and this happens all over the world, Vanuatu does not have the controlling right to that but what Vanuatu has that others do not have is a genuine right to choose what’s best for her.

By this we mean who we borrow from and how we repay and what benefits we will reap.

We don’t seem to be looking at the big picture as to what really is working for us. We seem to be looking back and as a result we are all getting sore necks.

We can’t change what is our past, be it the good or the bad but the good news is we can most certainly change the future and how we can shape it to suit all of us that call Vanuatu Home.

Seasonal Workers program in both New Zealand and Australia have so much potential to earn both individuals and Vanuatu as a whole genuine security both financially and social growth. What we don’t need is outside interference, what we don’t need is people that can’t get it right themselves telling us how we should get it right.

The Seasonal workers program should be embraced and nurtured as the very thing that is required for those that cannot nor will not be able to embrace a tertiary education for whatever reason.

Already we are seeing more people enrolled in USP this year than ever seen before, this is because now families can provide an education for their children like never before and it will only get better.

What we as a nation need to do now is work with the Seasonal Workers Program and promote it and to an extent that the workers receive education as part of the curriculum to allow them to learn what will be required of them if they pursue this vocation.

What we should see is VNPF working with the Australian and New Zealand Tax offices and ensure that all workers receive their proper entitlements and in fact are recorded back to their respective memberships in the fund and not be left hanging unclaimed in either country.

This will restrict any future liabilities as we see more longevity from our citizens, it will be these very people that will build the infrastructure that is required in the more forgotten/remote areas and develop markets that suit their skill sets that they will learn and develop then as time progresses we will see more of their children receiving an advanced education creating even greater opportunities to grow our supply of both skilled and non-skilled labour to the region.

These are the people of our future not the countries trying to capitalise on our weaknesses, these are the people who will pay for our development, they will create jobs and we will look after our own, surely we can see clearly that the current way forward is no way forward at all.

We need to take what infrastructure we have and ensure it is what we want then allow Vanuatu to build Vanuatu and China and Australia be our friends who help us when we have a need but on our terms not theirs and our needs not theirs.

Granted this will take time, so what’s the rush guys let’s take the time and hasten slowly and make it real.

Next week we will be discussing the important issue of paying staff what you are supposed to and what rights those staff have to ensure they are not being screwed.

I will have a few live examples to enhance the subject so we can all understand that ripping staff off is not the way to go and our relevant authorities need to be fair but at the same time help our own.

We must make note of the new initiative from Health to give the police breathalysers, in the old days [not so long ago as in Monday] if someone asked about drink driving laws one would answer , well don’t spill it!! Looks like we are in for a huge shock over the coming months.

On a lighter note If you were to engage a Priest or Clever to exorcise spirits or ghosts what is the most important thing you have to do??

Of course we all know You need to pay them or they will surely see you repossessed!!!

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