It was Clare Moloney who originally came up with the initiative for ProMedical Rescue to be proactive in raising awareness for Road Safety rather than just attending vehicle accidents when called upon.

ProMedical Rescue has seen its fair share of dramatic road accidents and every time a trapped person has had to be freed it has usually been due to the common snub nose vehicles (such as the BBuses) trapping the people in the front seats by their legs.

The most challenging of these accidents was when the driver of a bus collided with a Ute at Etas area and the bus had rolled on its side and of course the horrific Erakor bus crash in 2016 which involved ProMedical

Rescue having to free a badly injured mother and son from a tourist bus and also the driver of a B-Bus who tragically lost his life in the accident.

The old adage that ‘Prevention Is Better Than A Cure’ has never been more relevant and we are hopeful that prevention through Road Safety Awareness may alert some drivers of the dangers of their poor driving


There are now over 100 Road Safety Awareness Stickers being displayed around Port Vila on the back of buses and trucks. These stickers were

designed to raise awareness of the following dangers: driving too close to the vehicle in front, drinking and driving, texting whilst driving, speeding & the need to wear seatbelts at all times.

This initiative was generously sponsored by Vanuatu Tyre Wholesalers.

There are a limited number of these important stickers left. If you want to help your community and your bus has a 2017 Registration Sticker then please come up to Design Impax at Nambatu and it will be applied FOR


The theme of this year’s 2017 GLOBAL ROAD SAFETY AWARENESS WEEK is the danger posed by SPEEDING.

Speeding is a danger not only to the driver of the vehicle who is displaying

this reckless behavior but also a danger to innocent passengers in the vehicle, other road users and to pedestrians.

There are three main effects of speeding:

• Speeding significantly shortens the driver’s reaction time when something unexpected happens

• In good driving conditions the distance it takes to come to a stop at 50kmh is 35m. Travelling at twice this speed at 100kmh the stopping distance is nearly TRIPLED to a whopping 98m! Remember that the distance to stop increases significantly on wet roads!

• The impact of a vehicle striking another vehicle or something on the road side increases with every increase in speed. This in turn significantly

increases the extent of the injury to the persons involved resulting in

severe disability or even death!

• Remember that speeding is a CRIME and is a punishable offence! The Department of Health, the Traffic Unit of the Vanuatu Police Force, the

Vanuatu Australia Policing & Justice Program and ProMedical Rescue decided that the best way to raise public awareness on the dangers of speeding is with the following blunt message:


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