Dear Editor,

Prime Minister hemi se “Dissolution Before Disunity” long DP issue number 5379 blong Saturday April 14, 2018.

Hemi min se Prime Minister, according long section 28 (3) blong Constitution hemi save advisem President bong hemi dissolvem Parliament. Life blong parliament after election hemi 4 years we hemi min se Parliament blong tede hemi kat sam ples 2 year hemi stap before life blong Parliament ia hemi finis long 2020.

Sipos Kavman hemi wantem disolvem parliament from disunity blong ol members then hemi save minim se freedom of choice, freedom of association, mo freedom of movement we constitution hemi kivim under long Section 5. Fundamental Rights and Freedom on an individual. Section 5 (h) (i) mo (j), Kavman hemi no respectem.

Prime Minister hemi indicate se hemi nidim full life blong Parliament blong tedei blong mekem wan samting i gud long ol woman we oli stap karem firewood mo mekem VT 20 blong putum kaikai long table mo pem skul fees.

Long ples ia yumi save questionem se wanem nao kavman blong hem istap plan blong mekem. Ol step blong karem blong tekem aot ol mama long 20VT.

I gud blong kat concern be concern nomo I no help nating. I nid blong kat wan program we kavman hemi putum in ples blong deal wetem concern ia.

Wanem nao ol narafala kaontri oli mekem. Long Israel I gat Kibbutz. Long Malaysia i kat Bhumiputra.

Wanem “Affirmative Action” or positive discrimination nao Kavman blong tede hemi mekem blong karem aot ol mama long eye i no krae mo VT 20.

I no kat wan official program blong bio gaz mo bio gaz i no save tekem ples long Port Vila from Port Vila Municipality i no allaoem animal long taon.

I gud blong Muniipality hemi reconsider mo allowem at least wan animal long wan yard long taon blong bio gaz mo kavmn hemi createm wan unit blong bio gaz blong helpem olketa long minimum wage oli save kuk long bio gaz.

Mi congratultem Pime Minister we hemi kat concern long ol mama mo mi encouragem hem blong tekem action mo instraktem ol Minister blong tekem action mo promotem bio gaz.

PM hemi talem se Vanuatu hemi nidim wan tax regime or wan niu wei blong takis blong mekem se ol mama eye ino moa krae. Ating Income Tax nao i safe mekem.

Disunity or dissolution. Disunity hemi exercise blong fundmental rights or no?

Mi propose se leko life blong Parliament i kasem end blong hem mo unity bloc leko kavman i stap nomo. 2 Yia i no naf blong mekem wan samting blong ol mama ae I no krae.

Thomson Pakoa Matokai Kokona


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