Dear Editor,

Mi glad blo save tekem part lo National Decentralization Forum we emi tekem ples lo Jifs Nakamal lo Thursday 16th mo Friday 17th November we Minister blo Internal Affairs Hon. Alfred Maoh emi openem mo klosem.

Wan main toktok or theme we forum ya emi haelaetem emi “Equal Opportunity”.

During 2 day forum ya, mi still kat bikfala confusion lo issue blo Area Councils (administrative council lo level blo komuniti we ikat ol Jif rep as Chairman mo ol reps ikam lo woman, business, disability, church mo youth).

Long kwesten blo mi lo forum weta Area Council bae emi stap or no, Teknikel Advaesa (TA) Russel Nari hemi talem out lo forum se bae everi 72 Area Councils tru out 6 Provinces bae oli finis mo replaced by ol Kaunsel of Jifs wetem wan wan Administrators lo Economic Areas.

Afta lo forum lo facebook, Hon. Minister Ralph Regenvanu emi ansarem mi se bae ol Area Councils oli stap be kavman bae emi testem or pilotem wan rod blo inkrisim ‘budget’ blo ol Area Councils.

Long same taem, bae kavman emi passem amendment lo law blo decentralization blo mekem se Area Secretary bae emi kam wan ‘Public Servant’.

While mi sapotem tingting blo Hon. Regenvanu, mi still kat kwesten lo ansa blo TA we emi talem se bae ol Area Councils oli finis.

Mi no save lo ol nara citizen we oli bin attentem either ol provincial forums or national forums be mi for one, mi still confuse lo issue blo Area Councils.

Bae oli stap or oli finis??

As wan individual we yumi wok plante wetem Nguna-Pele Area Council, mi wantem se kavman plis no outem ol Area Councils.

Leko 72 Area Councils (AC) tru out Vanuatu oli stap from AC emi closest kavman institution we emi stap wetem komuniti lo area level. No tekem out.

Just kivim more budget iko lo em olsem we Hon Regenvanu emi talem mo ensure se everi 72 AC oli must kat ol ofis blo oli administerem gud wok lo level daon lo each respektiv komuniti we oli kavanem.

Kind regards,

Levi Tarosa


De Roza Investment Group Ltd

Port Vila

(Adhoc Admin Support

Nguna-Pele Area Council)

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