Mr Zheng (sitting) surrounded by officers at the Magistrates Court this week.

Zheng Wu Wei is now suing government organizations and authorities.

Daily Post was told that Zheng has filed more complaints against lawyers including State Law counsel Florence Reur William for allegedly appearing illegally on his case. 

Mr Zheng has made a complaint to the law counsel requesting Mrs William and prosecution counsel Micheline Tasso to be held accountable for their appearance in his deportation case without and that hasn’t been mandated by the law.

Mr Zheng who has a Canadian passport is making another public call claiming that his arrest was unlawful after the authorities failed to produce a warrant before his apprehension.

He said that even during his detention, the authorities failed to released him before 24 hours carried in section 15 (4) N0 17 of 2010 of the Immigration Act lapsed.

The section said an Immigration officer may detain a person for questioning but he has to be detained more than 24 hours, the Principal Immigration officer before the expiry of 24 four hours apply to the Magistrates Court for an order to detain the person for a longer period.

The section also ordered the Principal Immigration Officer to comply with any order made by the Magistrates Court.

Instead, Mr Zheng said that he was arrested without a warrant in his home March 26, 2019 at around 1.30pm and the Principal Immigration Officer the Magistrates Court on March 27, 2019 at 3pm in which he claimed that he has been detained 25 and half hours passed.

He claimed that the Immigration failed to obtain a longer detention order before the expiry of 24 hours period.

He claimed that the learned prosecutor Tasso had hidden that crucial information to the court with prejudice.

He said section 16 of the Immigration Act No.17 of 2010 provided that; ‘(1) An immigration officer may, without a warrant, arrest a person if the officer believes on reasonable grounds that (b) the proceedings by summons against the person would not be effective.

He also pointed out that subsection (2) on section 16 claimed that an Immigration officer must as soon as practical bring a person who has been arrested before a Magistrate to be dealt with.

He alleged that the Principal Immigration officer has failed to do that as well and Ms Tasso also failed to raised that in the first place.

Mr Zheng claimed that Immigration is one of the defendants in his constitutional case and by arresting him is a contempt of court.

He said that Acting Chief Magistrate on March 29 without any charge and without his attendance remanded him on Immigration detention.

He said that his defense lawyer Saling Stephens was told by the Public Prosecutor on March 9, 2019 that the matter should be treated as a Civil matter in court instead of pursuing as a criminal case.

He said that the Public Prosecutor said that the prosecution shouldn’t be involved – Zheng alleged that Ms Tasso failed to consult her senior officer before taking the case to the Magistrates Court.

He is now solidifying his constitutional case by adding more sworn statements and evidences in his existing Constitutional Case 752/19.

Mr Zheng has also filed a criminal complaint to have Immigration officer Fred Kalwat, Tasso, William and Acting Chief Magistrate Anna Laloyer for their serious, continuous and offensive unlawful detention in which he labelled as ‘forge and miscarriage of justice’.

He said that Magistrate Laloyer has made a big mistake granting the application for him to be remanded further awaiting his deportation.

Mr Zheng claimed there was never a criminal case against him in the beginning but all authorities involved were conspiring to defeat the course of justice when they locked him up and keep him under watch.

The government seems to be stranded with its attempted deportation two weeks ago and now is paying VT 5500 per night for Mr Zheng’s detention in a leading motel in Port Vila.

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