The Public Service Commission (PSC) has confirmed that bonding for Public Servants going on further studies or scholarships, has been increased from two years to seven years as of January 1, 2017.

This is an increase of five years, from the previous Bond period of two years.

The Secretary General of the Public Service Commission, Jacques Gideon, who executes the decisions of the PSC, confirmed this to the Daily Post yesterday that the first group of Public Servants who are now undertaking further studies abroad, signed and agreed to the terms and conditions for the seven year Bonding with the PSC, on Wednesday this week.

Simply put, this confirms their approval to serve the Government of the Republic of Vanuatu for seven years after completing their studies and returning back to Vanuatu.

“The reason the PSC has taken the decision to increase the number of years of bond for Public Servants, is because, it has becoming increasingly noticeable that many public servants whom the government invested in them heavily on their studies, come home, serve two years in the Public Sector, then leave for either the private sector or NGO organizations,” said SG Gideon.

“It means that the government spends in their studies but the period in returning the services back to the government and the people, falls short from the government’s investment in their academic or other higher education studies.”

He added: “On Wednesday this week, the public servants who have been awarded overseas scholarships agreed with the terms and conditions of the new 7-year Government Bonding and signed the agreement so that when they complete their further academic studies abroad, they will return home and serve the government and the people of Vanuatu- through the Vanuatu government for seven years before exiting to the Private sector, NGOs or whatever they decide to do in future outside the Public Service”.

He said the government bond only applies to the public servants who are already employed in the Public Service. Public servants who wish to further their studies or have secured scholarships overseas then return at the completion of their studies must return to the Public Service and serve for seven years before exiting to the Private Sector, the NGOs or starting their own business.

The Government bond does not apply to school leavers going on overseas scholarships.

An Employment Bond is basically an agreement which the government or a company and the employee enter into which among the other terms contained therein states that in consideration of the training or scholarships given to the Employee and the money spent by the government or the company in imparting such training or scholarships, the Employee will remain in the services of the company for a particular period.

In the case of the Vanuatu Government Bond, the period which was previously two years, has now been raised to seven years.

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