Year 12 and Year 13 Examination Results for Francophone students approved

The Curriculum and Assessment Board met at 2pm yesterday (Sunday) but could only approve Francophone Year 12 Arts and Science to Year 13 and Francophone Year 13 Arts to Year 14 results.

This was expected to have been broadcast over the national radio yesterday evening or last night.

Meanwhile, other results have been delayed to Wednesday, January 11 2017. These include all Year 8 to Year 9 Anglophone and Francophone, Year 10 to Year 11 Anglophone and Francophone, and all Year 12 Anglophone to Year 13.

The continuous delay has been attributed to two schools which did not submit their Year 10 Internal Assessment marks last week. The Examination Office has been able to track these down, to complete the process.

The second reason is the small number of staff who worked with the Principal Educational Officer (PEO) to complete the result processing on time, according to the Director of Education Services in Vanuatu, Roy Obed, who spoke to the Daily Post yesterday afternoon.

He said the Public Service Commission and the Ministry of Education and Training must ensure that this year’s situation is not repeated: “We cannot expect an Examination Level Coordinator to do data analysis which is the work of another staff who have not been appointed due to the financial difficulty faced in 2016,” said Director Obed.

He said the issue has been repeatedly raised with the Ministry of Education Human Resource Division and hopefully this will be dealt with this year. For the last three nights, most Examination staffs have worked into the early hours to complete most of the processing and analysis work for the results but time run out on them because they are shouldering more than what their specific tasks are.

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