Yatibu rearrested and released on bail

The accused in a traffic collision which resulted in the death of a young man from Tanna at Tagabe in July 2017, has been ordered to re-appear in Court at 10am on January 29, 2018 for a Preliminary Inquiry (PI) hearing.

Hariette Yatibu was rearrested this week but was released again on bail .

Yatibu breached her bail conditions last year when she went to Australia under the Seasonal Workers Program (SWP) for around four months.

Senior Magistrate Peter Moses said Yatibu was charged with causing death by reckless driving, and unintentional harm causing death.

He said that she was first released on bail on July 17, 2017 but those bail conditions were later amended on August 10, 2017.

The Senior Magistrate said condition (a) of the amended bail order restrained Yatibu from leaving the island of Efate but she breached that condition and travelled to Australia.

He said police in Port Vila liaised with the Australian Federal Police (AFP) for her arrest without success and the prosecution failed to compile the evidence.

As a result, the PI hearing had to be adjourned several times.

“The defendant undertakes to abide by any bail conditions imposed on her,” he said.

“Therefore, it is hereby ordered that the amended bail order dated August 10, 2017 be summarized with some stricter conditions to this effect.

“The defendant must not interfere with the prosecution witnesses, either directly or indirectly”.

Senior Magistrate Moses said that Yatibu will be liable for arrest if she re-offends and must not leave Efate or Vanuatu again until the case is finally adjudicated.

He said Yatibu is ordered to sign at the police station every Fridays at any time between 8am and 4pm, until her case is fully dealt with.

He refrained her to drive any motor vehicle until further orders of the court.

She was told by the Magistrates Court to surrender all her travelling documents, including her passport, driver’s licence to the court registry just after her bail hearing.

Senior Magistrate ordered that those documents will only be released on the final determination of the case.

At the end of the case, Senior Magistrate Moses made it clear that any breaches of those conditions will result in an arrest and detention.

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