The cost of travelling from the Southern part of Epi to the main centers on the island just to benefit from the essential services such as proper health treatment and care, earn some cash through sale of agricultural and livestock produces or even deposit and or withdraw from the bank, is quite expensive.

This has forced the community of Yarsu on Filakara Village to use manpower to clear an area purposely towards the construction of a new airstrip.

Chief John Supo, the person behind the initiative for a new airport has approached Daily Post to convey the request on behalf of their chiefs and people to individuals, business houses and the government to assist with the construction of the new airport.

Confirming that works, including identifying and clearing of a piece of land alloted towards this course has already been done, Chief Supo said, the initiative was also supported and recommended by the owner of Belair Airline, Mr. Toara Whitely.

Mr. Supo said Yarsu area has met all the requirements required by the Aviation Authorities in order to have an airport in their area. The chief and people of yarsu have also considered Aircraft Takeoff and Landing Capabilities and are affirmed that their proposed site of 500m in length can cater for Britten-Norman Islanders and Twin Otter DHC-6 aircrafts.

Chief Supo commended the community of Filakara for uniting in one spirit in achieving this significant service.

He extended his acknowledgment to Robert Bohn, former Member of Parliament for Epi for assisting with over Vt600000 towards the airport project.

Chief Supo can be reached on his Mobile number 5370760 should interested individuals or business houses want to help with the airport project.

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