WWII Museum progresses with new discoveries

Luganville Town and the island of Santo and Sanma Province, could become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vanuatu and the South Pacific, once the South Pacific World War II Museum is fully completed and ready to open for visitors.

It is the vision embedded in the Elwood J Stewart Association, since its birth with the driving force of the Association and its chairman, Brad Wood, who wants to see the untold, unfold before the eyes of the world.

To many who are familiar with the tales of the WWII in the Pacific and those who may know little about WWII in the Pacific, once the whole project is pieced together, any visitors to the WWII Museum will take real time to wonder in the midst, around and get the feel of being in the midst of the WWII and see for themselves the untold, unfold before their eyes.

In the Volume 2 number 2 of the WWII Project Newsletter for 2017, more are being revealed of the findings of the remains of WWII including a Bomber-17 wreckage. Members of the Elwood J Stewart Association visited a B-17 wreck site 20 minutes’ drive out of Luganville town, and about 800 meters from the southern end of Palekula Bay WWII Bomber 01 airstrip.

Even though covered in light shrubs there appeared to be a fair bit of parts remaining on site. There were two large wing sections, 2 engine sections, a tail section, with many other smaller bits and pieces around the area.

Commenting on the B-17 aircraft remains, Wood said out of curiosity, given the matching aircraft type, and proximity of its location to the end of the runway, one may wonder if this wreckage is linked to the August 2nd 1943 crash piloted by Lt Wesley Eugene (Gene) Roddenberry, or was it from one of the other B-17 Flying Fortresses that thought it made it home on returning from the Solomon Islands but crashed into the bushes due to low fuel, said Brad Wood.

The project according to the Association’s volume 2 No 2 of 2017, is getting support from both the Sanma Provincial Council as well as the Luganville Municipal Council and included as priority in the both Sanma and Luganville Municipal Council 10-Year Development Plan that will benefit the people of Sanma and Luganville and the country while promoting Espiritu Santo as a principle tourist destination.

The project is recognized by the 10-Year Development Plan to protect and preserve World War II relics on Santo.

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