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Marilyn Spooner facing her clients on Monday this week

A woman has been given a week to refund around VT2 million she allegedly took from her victims before they report the matter to the police.

Marilyn Spooner was supposed to be remanded by police in Luganville earlier this week but victims said such action will amount to a loss on their side and she was given until Monday next week to make necessary arrangements to refund them.

Former Police Officer Ron Tamtam said that more than 400 people stormed the River Motel on Monday demanding explanations after six times Mrs Spooner failed to send them to seasonal work overseas.

Mr Tamtam said that some of the victims had to travel from Malekula and other surrounding islands even from Big Bay to give her money with interest to find job abroad and were called many times to sign their contracts and that never happened.

He said when the victims went to the motel she was living but she left and was hiding inside the house of a female police officer on Santo.

He said that they called her many times without success and he texted her that if she doesn’t pick up their call then they will report the matter to the police.

Less than three minutes, Spooner called Mr Tamtam telling him to go and pick her up.

In a face to face meeting with her victims, Mrs Spooner told them that she had given the money to two New Zealanders who promised to bring 65 workmen to farm works in Auckland.

But Tamtam said that she took money from almost 400 people who are now after her.

He said that Spooner called the victims to meet up last week for the medical check up and signing of their contracts but on the first day nothing happened.

She dismissed them, then told them that the farmers have changed the plan to meet the next day.

That was when Spooner started running until they got her this week from her hideout.

She gave the names and the address of the two kiwis claiming they are currently living in Warwick Hotel in Port Vila.

Mr Tamtam called the reception of the hotel but they denied any customers by those names.

He then checked with every hotel in Port Vila with no clear information of the names.

The former policeman said that the attempt to check the list of the 65 people she was supposed to recruit and found another list of almost 300 people she took money off them.

He said that up to 100 people who turned up on earlier this week haven’t got their names on the list and some are still in the remote islands.

The agreement now is to try to get 65 people to New Zealand but the rest she had to refund their money before Monday next week with the cost of traveling to various areas in in Northern town.

She has no license to recruit employees under the RSE scheme but kept on relaying her faith to two Kiwi vigilantes whom she claimed they took all the money.

Mr Tamtam said that Spooner’s debt is running high in the Motel and she has to find her own food to eat daily with a promise that the Kiwi’s will have the arears cleared later.

In the past, police have made calls across the country to beware of random con people that take advantage of the schemes to scam people worning it is an offence.

Even the Labour Department had to come out public that any agent collecting money from interested people to work overseas is against the law.

Many people have been convicted by the court and sent to prison after they were found guilty to the offence.

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