We can meet the demand: Stevens

The spokesman for the Vanuatu Navota Custom Association, George Stevens, said the Association will be able to supply local food crops to the Vanuatu 2017 Committee for sports men and women, during the upcoming South Pacific Mini Games, hosted by Vanuatu.

He said the Association had already made the offer to the Vanuatu 2017 Committee officials and is waiting for the answer.

“Of course, there are contractors whom Vanuatu 2017 Committee had already engaged to supply meals to all Pacific Sports men and women, to the Vanuatu 2017, and we have made our offer to supplement with local Vanuatu organic food crops in large quantity,” said Stevens.

The Association which is operating as one of the local farmers, has according to George Stevens, supplied tons of local organic food crops to the people of Vanuatu during the past and recent disasters.

“During Cyclone Pam, we donated 4 tonnes of local food to the people in the Shepherds Islands, 8 tonnes of local food to the people in Tafea Islands with the help of the World Vision, 10 tonnes of local food to the schools throughout Port Vila for a month from around 15th of June to 15th July 2015.

"More recently, our Association has supplied 13 tonnes of local food to the Ambae Evacuees during the Ambae volcanic operations,” said Mr Stevens.

“The Association is now prepared to work closely with the Vanuatu 2017 Committee and the food or meals contractors in supplying local organic food crops to feed the number of the Vanuatu and the Pacific Sports men and women to the South Pacific Mini-Games,” he assured.

“I wish to thank the Prime Minister, Charlot Sawai-led Government for recognizing the Association’s ability to supply such a large quantity of local traditional food crops to Cyclone Pam affected population in Vanuatu, and likewise to the Ambae Evacuees, during the recent Ambae volcanic activities.

He thanked organizations such as Active and others from within Vanuatu and the region who worked closely with the Vanuatu Navota Customs Association in supplying local organic food crops.

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