146 water tanks for Vanuatu

Prime Minister Charlot Salwai and Chinese Ambassador Liu Quan exchange handshakes after the signing of Agreement..

By Glenda Willie

An agreement was signed between the Ambassador of China to Vanuatu, Mr. Liu Quan and Prime Minister Charlot Salwai this week for the Chinese Government to provide 146 water tanks to communities in need of safe drinking water.

There are 131 of 6, 000 litre water tanks and 15 of 10, 000 litre water tanks.

Ambassador Quan said China is delighted to support rural development and contribute towards the livelihood of the people of Vanuatu.

Like Vanuatu, China is committed to the Paris Agreement. The Ambassador said China is considering the issue of climate change to be a sensitive issue, and it is making efforts to assist island countries address the impacts brought about by climate change.

Mr. Quan said he is certain that the water tanks will address the issue of safe and clean drinking water which is a basic human need, and benefits the lives of schools children and people in the rural communities who will be recipients of these donated tanks.

Prime Minister Salwai conveyed words of appreciation to the Chinese Government for their ongoing support towards improving the lives of the people of Vanuatu.

Admitting that the impact of the current dry period is greatly affecting many places across the country, PM Salwai assured the Ambassador that the tanks will surely be put to good use.

He congratulated China, a powerful nation which continues to maintain its stand on global challenges such as the issue of climate change.

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