Napuat shakes Shaun

Minister Andrew Napuat (right) congratulates Sean Gilchrist for breakthrough

“Exporting Azure Pure Water, the first local product of its kind internationally onboard both P&O and Carnival Australia cruise ships with ‘Vanuatu’ written on the bottle, to be enjoyed by over a 1,000 passengers from many different nationalities on each vessel, who are served by Ni-Vanuatu waiters and waitresses, is a perfect marketing tool to sell Vanuatu to the world”.

Minister of Internal Affairs Andrew Napuat made the statement after witnessing cartons of the water enough to fill a 40-foot container, moved by a forklift for transfer on to the Pacific Jewel at Port Vila Wharf last Friday.

To Ni Vanuatu workers onboard P&O cruise ships, he said, “Continue to advertise Vanuatu and execute your tasks with pride as ambassadors of your country when you serve the passengers because this is a very important achievement”.

To other local companies he said, “Today, we celebrate a breakthrough by Azure Pure Water.

“Since the company has successfully achieved this, you can also strive to do the same. Aim beyond the local market for the next break through”.

He praised the company for adding lime water and pineapple water to its line of fine products. “I order my lime water from the company”, he confirmed with pride.

The Minister described the current breakthrough as opening a new door for other companies to aim to enter with their respective products.

As a Minister who comes from Tanna — one of the most well known islands in the country for its organic farmers and organic agricultural products including potato, onion and carrot, he said, “Do not just focus on your small farms, think big and focus beyond Tanna. The Government is ready to help but we want to see farmers prove to us that they can produce sufficient tons of supplies without fail and maintain consistency”.

Both P&O and Carnival Australia prefer to restock ships with fresh products when they visit a country.

However, Vanuatu did not have the capacity to supply on demand until Azure Pure Water proved last Friday that it can be done.

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