The grand opening of Wanfuteng last week has differentiated itself amongst others in the banking industries with a genuinely efficient and unique service system.

Wanfuteng bank is the only bank in the market offering ATMs which accept deposits and machines that sort and count coins to assist efficient transactions.

Chief Executive Officer, Catherine Le Bourgeois was born in Belgium with successful businesses in Switzerland, England, Hong Kong and China.

These businesses include investment companies, commodity trading companies, an IT consultancy and a law firm. General Manager Michael Fimeri said, “this is an exciting development for banking in Vanuatu.

“Some of our competitors spend 1 billion AUD annually on technology and don’t yet offer these basic services.

“We aim to have the fairest and simplest products offered on the market.

“As it stands, we are the only bank to offer interest on all deposit accounts and our loan rates are extremely competitive.

“We also intend on offering wealth management and foreign exchange solutions not offered by other banks in the market.

“Furthermore, our expertise also extends to acquisitions, valuations and corporate advisory that you could expect from any investment bank in the world.”

Wanfuteng bank means ‘Soaring Wealth’ Bank.

Head of Relationship Banking, Tek Kon Lim took the time to clearly define the logo symbol of the bank.

“We begin with an ancient Spade Coin used during the 1400 BC in China,” he rendered.

“The coin symbolizes back in the days where goods were traded with ease and how the concept of business commenced.

“The Carp symbolizes Surplus and Prosperity.

“The Lotus reflects our Strength and Hope in overcoming challenges.

“When the Carp and Lotus are placed together, we enjoy abundant fortune and prosperity.

“Plum blossoms portray hope and happiness and ecstatic smiles that arches up to your eyebrows. Together with peach blossoms, shows how strong and long lasting relationships are built.

“The two water streams carry flow of good ‘Qi’ or energy, drawing in luck and creating wealth.

“The circle of ‘Ru Yi’ patterns give us never ending fortune as you desire when you bank with Wanfuteng Bank.

“The color purple is associated with nobility, purple inspires creativity, wealth and empowerment of women in business.”

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