Three staff in the Department of Finance have been suspended as of Friday last week for insubordination, allegedly processing housing and child allowances for public servants without the authorisation of the Department and Ministry of Finance and the Government.

Minister of Finance, Gaetan Pikioune, confirmed the suspension to Daily Post yesterday afternoon.

Minister Pikioune said the three staff acted without the authority of the Director General and himself as minster, allowing the payment for housing and child allowances for all public servants to run in the last pay day.

Minister Pikioune also confirmed that the figure of Vt30 million was paid to all public servants in housing and child allowances.

“There is no budget for this nor any approval given by the Director General nor myself as Minister responsible for Finance for these allowances to be paid yet, though the process of reinstating these allowances is underway, Finance Minister Gaeton Pikioune, told Daily Post yesterday afternoon.

“It is a long process that requires the Council of Ministers decision and approval, then parliament before the allowances can be reinstated.”

The three staff will remain on suspension, pending the investigation outcome.

“Again, the full process must be first completed and that is from the Ministry of Finance to the Council of Ministers with advice from the State Law Office, then to Parliament for approval so as to reinstate the Public Servants housing and child allowances benefits,” Finance Minister Gaeten Pikoune, pointed out.

“It is insubordination by the three staff who were suspended. Their suspension will remain until full investigation on the Vt30 million housing and child allowances payout to all public servants completed.”

Minister Pikioune said the names of three staff are being withheld until full investigation is carried out.

The Chairman of the Public Service Commission (PSC) Martin Mahe, told the Daily Post that while he is not aware of the suspension and the issue, the Ministry and Department of Finance officials, under the relevant laws have the powers to warn and suspend employees under the Department and Ministry for such actions before the matter is brought to the PSC.

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