Vt26million from Japan GGP to upgrade school in Luganville

The signing agreement to formalize Japan’s assistance to upgrade Luganville East Francophone Primary School

The Government of Japan, through its Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects Program (GGP), will provide Vt26 million for the construction of four new classrooms for the Luganville East Francophone Primary School in Santo.

Due to the population growth increase in Luganville and the relocation of Ambae students after the volcano eruption, the school lacks appropriate classrooms.

Currently, the school is using emergency tents, the school canteen and the library as classrooms to teach as many students as possible.

Apart from the four new school buildings, the project will also provide two water tanks, 80 desk, 160 chairs and eight set of teacher’s desk and chairs.

The classrooms will also be used as evacuation centre during cyclones.

This assistance from Japan’s GGP will ensure appropriate educational standards for the students and will produce positive impacts on education in Santo, said the Minister of Education, Jean Pierre Nirua.

”The project is in line with the government’s policy of strengthening partnership in enhancing education in Vanuatu”.

Minister Nirua thanked the government of Japan for its continuous support towards extending access and quality education to students in rural areas.

The Japanese Ambassador to Vanuatu, Koichi Miyoshi, said “providing quality education for the children of Vanuatu is very important to Japan’s development cooperation with Vanuatu.

”Education is always one of the key pillars of sustainable development. Children have great potentials. The future lies in their hands.

”Good health is also important for a happy and prosperous life. We wish to support the health care of children in school.

”I believe this project will further strengthen the cooperation and friendship between the government and people of Vanuatu and Japan”.

Japan’s GGP Programme has been widely implemented in the areas of education, water, health, agriculture and fisheries since 1996.

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