VSPD rolls out first outreach

Disability Desk Officer Knox Morris speaking to students during the outreach

The Vanuatu Society for People with Disability (VSPD) in partnership with its stakeholders, namely, the Disability Desk under the Ministry of Justice and Community Services, the Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Unit and Mental Care Unit within the Vila Central Hospital have rolled out their first outreach program last week on Emau Island.

The purpose of the outreach is for VSPD to trial and extend its reach of community base rehabilitation (CBR) services to rural communities in Shefa Province. The outreach was also an opportunity for VSPD to develop and strengthen its relationship and referral pathway with Shefa Provincial Government and its other stakeholders.

It was also an opportunity for disability and health awareness and services to the communities.

The three-day outreach covered all the six communities on the island and Takara Community.

According to Executive Director Elison Bovu, the outreach was initiated by the Area Council Secretary for Emau following a workshop with the 11 Shefa Area Council Secretaries and VSPD facilitated by Shefa Province.

Bovu said the team will be extending the similar outreach to all other areas under the jurisdiction of the 11 Shefa Area Councils.

VSPD is grateful to its stakeholders for their ongoing support in this outreach and appreciated all the communities of Emau for their hospitality during the mission.

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