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The Supreme Court will decide whether or not the actions by Internal Affairs Minister Andrew Napuat, Police Commissioner Albert Nalpini, Commander South Superintendent Jackson Noal and First Political Advisor of Internal Affairs George Naunun towards Mohammed Rizwan was constitutional or not on August 3.

In regards to the allegations on whether or not Mr. Rizwan is a wanted man in Fiji, Acting Chief of Staff for the Vanuatu Police Force (VPF), Wilson Abiut said that Fiji Police have sent documents concerning Mr. Rizwan, but none that warrants a deportation.

Officer Abiut who was mandated to speak on behalf of the Police Commissioner, Albert Nalpini explained: “We are working on the document, we have received a few documents, but there are some documents we need them (Fiji) to send over, there’s no document in relation to the case.”

Part of the ‘documents’ sent from Fiji included a package sent in June by Fiji Inland and Crime Against Corruption (FICAC), concerning Mr. Rizwan which the Vanuatu Police are studying.

However, when asked if a corruption offence would constitute for an extradition order of the Indo-Fijian, Officer Abiut replied, “we are not based on his crimes committed in Fiji, we are building a case in Vanuatu of assault. The case is for the courts, I can’t reveal more on that but we are investigating a case on assault.”

Mr. Abiut, who is also the Plans and Policy Officer of VPF added that there is no room for prejudice on the force and the actions of VPF is strictly for the safety of the people of Vanuatu – “there’s nothing personal, it’s just police business.”

The Judicial Review Case on Rizwan vs The Republic of Vanuatu is scheduled for August 3, 9am at Dumbea Hall.

As for the UNELCO Post incident, Officer Abiut confirmed that the officer involved has been suspended and will remain suspended until further notice.

The identity and rank of the officer has been withheld, but Officer Abiut stated that the “lawful process will be applied (and) everybody (including Police Officers) have to go through the process”.

For good measure, the Acting Chief of Staff of VPF concluded – “To all officers, the same process will be applied to anyone who is in breach of the law.”

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