Bob Loughman

VP President Bob Loughman

The President of Vanua’aku Party (VP), Bob Loughman, has confirmed in a statement the exit of the political party from the executive cabinet of the current Government.

This follows recent events in the Government of Vanuatu.

The statement, signed by Mr Loughman, continued that about a week ago from today, the VP president and former Deputy Prime Minister along with the VP Secretary General and former Minister for Agriculture abruptly received their termination letters from the Prime Minister the day after assisting to defeat the latest motion of no confidence.

“The Vanua’aku Party has always been a party dedicated to serving the national interest of the people of Vanuatu and in this legislature so far, this was carried out by the party to the best of its abilities under the leadership of Prime Minister Charlot Salwai and on behalf of the Party, I would like to thank the Prime Minister for giving us the opportunity to serve the people of Vanuatu during this time.

“Alliances between the Prime Minister and VP existed long before this and were seemingly strengthened during the conception for the formation of the current government on Pele Island in February 2016, where Charlot Salwai was proposed to be Prime Minister by VP.

“Reasonable demands by VP for an increase in portfolios as the then largest coalition partner of the Government resulted in the Prime Minister’s latest reshuffling of VP out of his cabinet.

“The gift of time and reflection over the turn of events over the past week have provided clarity to us in terms of reassessing our priorities and relationships, however the voice of the people of Vanuatu continue to remain at the heart of VP, where a lot of people within the party community and many more nation-wide have continued expressing their sustained support and assurances for the party to endure forward despite recent events.

“Our mainstream nationalist values remain unwaveringly authentic and constructive-to seek the advancement of Ni-Vanuatu socially, educationally, economically and politically, to promote good will and understanding amongst all communities in Vanuatu and to develop the people as one nation

“Today I, as president for VP would like to assert that VP remains steadfast and united.

“Our resolve to reunite former VP members through the VP Policy is now stronger than ever, as I reiterate our national call for the ‘VP Kambak policy’ to former members of VP nation-wide to retain and honour the vision of our forefathers through unity, in memory of those gone before us, those still with us and the generations who are yet to come.

“This is what we will strive for today for a better tomorrow. Alea iacta est.”

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