Mrs Blandine Boulekone

Mrs Blandine Boulekone

The President of the Vanuatu National Council of Women (VNCW), Blandine Boulekone, tendered her resignation yesterday (November 10) and gave reasons as to why she took the decision to resign as president.

“To all presidents of Provinces, Municipal Councils, and areas of the Vanuatu National Council of Women (VNCW) and the women of Vanuatu, i wish to state that on 17th January 2012, you elected me to the position of the president of the VNCW and I accepted it, even knowing the task would not be easy because of so many past existing problems in the VNCW,” Mrs. Boulekone stated in a statement to the Daily Post.

“I tried and I did my best but I have had enough as of today 10th November 2014 to you all because to be frank, there has been improvement but no real change in the organization.

“All these past years, I have always done voluntary work without salary. We have never seen an annual report, but I have my own report and I can say that I have represented women in 155 meetings, attended 42 workshops, received or visited 85 persons, and was present at 67 official government events and also those of the Non-Government Organizations (NGOs).

“I stood before and faced the face of Justice 5 times in the name of the Vanuatu Women. I prepared 5 micro-projects out of which 4 were agreed and approved for funding. One of these projects was the leaflet was about the prevention of cancer on women and i secured one of the largest NGO organization to rent a space to accommodate the VNCW Offices.

“As far as finance within the VNCW is concern, VNCW is a charitable organization and so the VNCW’s only means of revenue is renting out its guest house at Anabouru. We the members of the National Executive Committee, have called for the audit to be carried out in the VNCW but this has never happened,” Mrs. Boulekone stated to the media.

She said to be transparent, the organization books and financial records must audited so as to be transparent, even though the National Women’s Organization does not have all that money, she said and insisted the auditing of the NVCW must go back to October 1, 2011.

“The National Council of Women of Vanuatu is a useful tool to make the voice of women in Vanuatu heard,” said Boulekone.

“But it is not just for two people because of the sacrifice in carrying out the work of the VNCW. I appeal to the Government to ensure the women are given the same right to have a house like the Chiefs Nakamal for the men. I recalled the statement made by MP Christophe Emelee when as Minister responsible for Women’s Affairs, he said it would be good to have a special legislation on VNCW to go before parliament so that it would have more power to carry out its functions more effectively and better serve the women of Vanuatu.”

In conclusion she acknowledged everyone who have worked together with the VNCW during her time as President and says she will continue to serve the interest of the women of Vanuatu, as she is a Vanuatu woman.

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