The Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority (VIPA) says it is proud to have sponsored, in partnership with the Australia Pacific Islands Business Council, one of the country’s first ever Australia Vanuatu Business Forum and Trade Expo 2017 at the Holiday Inn.

The business forum is one of the various key promotional activities that VIPA intends to undertake, support and promote in its role as an investment promotion agency.

It is also an integral part of VIPA’s core mandate in promoting Vanuatu as the next best investment destination in the South Pacific.

With this strong vision, VIPA would like to sincerely thank all exhibitors, delegates and speakers whose collaborated effort and time made the event the success it was.

“The business forum has indeed opened up many doors not only for VIPA but more importantly for the businesses that participated, in establishing strategic and networking partnerships with other participants, sharing information and experiences and creating connections for the greater development and success,” VIPA said in a statment. VIPA, in its strategic and planning documents has outlined an array of key promotional activities and events including a National Investor’s Forum with mirrored objectives of setting a discussion platform for private sector and key government agencies to be able to exchange information that will be used in future policy planning and that will have a significant impact on improving the doing business environment in Vanuatu.

Bridging the gaps and closing the loopholes that exist between the private sector and the government is a key focus of the Authority with events such as business forums providing dialogue space to address key concerns.

VIPA says it is thankful to other sponsors of the event and looks forward to other similar endeavors in the near future.

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