Vila Rose

Fr Stanley Ure blesses the Reception area.

As a prelude to the official opening still some time away, Vila Rose Hotel was blessed Saturday noon as its first guests moved in the same day.

The name Vila Rose was given to the 3-storey gleaming white structure owned by Rosemary Leona by the chief of Ifira in memory of the first ship to be owned by Ifira.

Vila Rose Hotel is opposite Daily Post and above Tanna Russet Plaza, atop the cliff which gives the best views of Vila Harbour and Mele Bay coming back to Fatumauru Bay down below.

Almost all the major work is completed, except for some of the fencing, and it has all been done by local contractors and will remain a source of pride to the Loltong owner and director.

Her pride is justified in view of the excellence of the building work, the tiling and the painting.

Fr Stanley Ure performed the blessing after leading prayers at the entrance.

The rooms were individually blessed, along with Reception and the Restaurant which still needs to be fitted out once an operator is chosen.

It is not open yet. Family friends and relatives, and Chief Philip Baereleo, and as many of the workers who could be reached in a hurry, were delighted to be invited to a luncheon on The Rock overlooking Daily Post and of course Vila Harbour.

The official opening of this local architectural gem at Melcofe Heights will be announced in the coming weeks and it is bound to become an important addition to the tourism scene in Port Vila — guaranteed by the scenic views of the harbour. And it is an entirely local endeavour.

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