Vila citizens to use national ID card during Municipal election early next year

The National ID Card belonging to Parliamentary Secretary MP Andrew Napuat.

The Electoral Office will be rolling out the national ID biometric system in Port Vila Constituency early next year when Port Vila goes to poll to elect the councilors for Port Vila Municipality.

Minister of Internal Affairs made the confirmation yesterday to local media during a press conference, adding that this new system has proven a success when trialed in two polling stations at the recent Torba Provincial Elections.

Minister Alfred Maoh and Principle Electoral Officer, Charles Vatu explained that with the introduction of Vanuatu National ID cards, the Electoral Office will be doing away with the electoral cards.

“During any elections, we can be rest assured that there would not be any issues of duplicate votes as experienced in the past.”

The ID card contains a photo, name, date of birth, place of residence of the holder, expiry date and a card number. It also has a small chip that contains all those information for easy computer use and verification.

Citizens of Port Vila are encouraged to get themselves a National ID card. The National ID Card unit is housed inside the Nongona Tapu Building in town (former French Embassy).

The parliament is yet to pass the National ID Card law, but the State Law office has authorized the printing and issuance of the ID cards.

In October this year, the Minister of Internal Affairs issued the first batch of ID cards to 566 Ambae families who came to Vila for safety following the volcanic destruction.

Minister Maoh has noted that Vanuatu National ID Card is an achievement for his ministry and has thanked partners, hardworking technicians and staff of Internal Affairs for dedication and commitment to realize this new system.

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