The 5-day Ghost Net workshop with a focus on turning abandoned fishing nets, lines and other marine debris into art at the Alliance Francaise in Port Vila has been hailed as a success.

The workshop, hosted by the Vanuatu Environmental Science Society (VESS) and TieraMar under the UK funded Commonwealth Litter Programme (CLiP) is facilitated by Internationally renowned artist Sue Ryan, architect of the Ghost Net Art Project.

Participants from the workshop included artists form the Handicraft market, Wan Smol Bag, World Vision Tanna Original and Further Arts. Martika Tahi, an environmental scientist working for VESS, was at the workshop, helping artists not just by talking about what she has learnt from the problems of plastics in the ocean but also with advice for the animals the artists were creating.

With the expert advice, the artists worked together as a team using their skills and knowledges in creating amazing arts from the ghost net materials provided by the workshop. The artists also created a 2-meter long dugong decorated with a sand drawing-inspired pattern.

According to VESS, every artist was aware about the problems of marine litter and ghost net however the workshop has inspired them to turn litter into treasure or reduce and reuse litter. Most of the artists had also said that it is their first time to create art using ghost nets and other marine litter to create art and said that the skills obtained will be utilized and to educate the communities and other artists in Vanuatu.

VESS confirmed that the artists have shown great interest during the workshop and have also learned a lot. VESS also hopes that the workshop will inspire them and others wishing to enter the CLiP marine litter challenge art competition.

The marine litter challenge competition entry closes on the 8{sup}th{/sup} February at 4pm. Participants wishing to enter who are not artists can enter the entrepreneurs with great business innovations and students with bright ideas on how to tackle the problem of marine litter too. The link for all the details on the competitions and how to entre can be accessed at:

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