Hundreds of vehicles seized by Police

Some of the many vehicles that were confiscated by Police in a operation yesterday

By Glenda Willie

A number of vehicles have been detained by members of the Vanuatu Police Force following an operation yesterday at three different locations.

The Police media could not provide the exact number of vehicles confiscated, but confirmed the operation is part of their normal vehicle checks on private vehicles and public transports as the grace period for 2017 road tax has already lapsed on May 30.

Police checks included the 2017 sticker normally pasted on the windscreen of vehicles. Police also checked for valid documents such as a valid driver’s license, driver’s permit, and updated insurance. Drivers who failed to have these documents on them were also fined on the spot, while vehicles without proper documents were seized.

According to Police Media, drivers or owners of confiscated vehicles must sort out their paperwork before they could get back their vehicles.

Vehicle owners will now pay an additional 25% penalty on the prescribed fees for the 2017 road tax for vehicles that have been certified roadworthy by the PWD as per instructions from the Department of Customs and Inland Revenue.

Police Media is advising drivers that are caught up in this situation to sort out their vehicle documents and pay their fines at the Government cashier at the Ministry of Finance, issue the receipt at the Traffic Section before their vehicles can be released to them.

Meanwhile, the operation has received a lot of criticisms from frustrated members of the public for disturbing the traffic yesterday morning. It has caused much delay in the entire traffic movement throughout Port Vila.

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