Malvatumauri President Chief Tirsupe (l) with Council's Executive Member Chief Maemaedola (r)

President of Malvatumauri Chief Tirsupe (l) with Council’s Executive member Chief Maemaedola (r)

The President of the Malvatumauri Council of Chiefs, Chief Senimao Tirsupe, appeals to the Vanuatu Government not to compromise its position at the Honiara MSG 20th Summit on the West Papua Application for full membership into the MSG but to support West Papua Application.

“It would be a dishonor for Vanuatu not to support the West Papua Application after our country hosted the West Papua Leaders reconciliation ceremony here in Port Vila just last year and showed the region and the world that we cannot say yes today and no tomorrow on West Papua political independent issue and equally important their Application for full MSG membership,” Chief Tirsupe expressed in what he called an appeal for understanding and commitment by the Republic of Vanuatu towards the Melanesian brothers and sisters for MSG full membership application.

“I wish to remind our government and leaders of the fundamental principles of the MSG by its founding fathers based on our Melanesian traditional values amongst the Melanesian countries including West Papuan people.

“The vision for MSG by the founding fathers of this Melanesian Institution and what it means for the people of the Melanesian countries. West Papua cannot be excluded from this, hence a call for Vanuatu to support West Papua Application for full membership in the MSG,” said Chief Tirsupe.

“The Application of the West Papua Application for full MSG membership is not an issue to debate, but rather it is a commitment by the MSG Leaders to approve and welcome West Papuans into the MSG,” said the Malvatumauri President Chief Tirsupe.

Chief Tirsupe said it would be a total shame on Vanuatu as a nation if the country’s leaders either abstain, vote against or come up with some diplomatic suggestions that will defeat the country’s strong support and stand for the West Papua political Independence and their political rights for that freedom, he said.

“While Malvatumauri recognizes the other MSG countries’ sovereign rights, we however, humbly call on them to stand united with Vanuatu in a true Melanesian Spearhead Group spirit and support the right of our brothers and sisters in West Papua and grant their right to full membership in the MSG ,” the President of Malvatumauri Council of Chiefs, Chief Tirsupe appeals.

“I am also calling on all Christian people in Vanuatu to kneel and pray over the next two to three days for the MSG Leaders to look beyond their boarders into the boarder of West Papua where our Melanesian brothers and sisters suffer every day for their rights they have been denied all these many past years and lend them hands that will welcome them into full MSG membership,” the Head of the Malvatumauri National Council of Chiefs, Chief Tirsupe expressed to the Daily Post yesterday.

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