A descendant of one of Port Vila’s landlord, Father Henry Crowby Manarewo, has demanded Prime Minister Moana Carcasses apologize for the comments he made when the late Patrick Crowby was not yet laid to rest.

PM Carcasses Kalosil reportedly said he admired the leadership of his late minister of internal affairs and wanted a member of the Crowby family replace the leader.

“We performed a custom ceremony to the Greens Confederation immediately after what the Prime Minister told our family but as it turned out, a Crowby family member was not endorsed by the Greens and Union of Moderate Parties,” Father Henry Manarewo told Daily Post yesterday.

The names of Father Henry Crowby, Nicole Kalo, Willie Satearoto, Pierre Tore, Sandy Masoe, Maturine Tom, and Jean Yves Chabot, appeared before the Greens Confederation but no member of the Crowby family received the approval of the Greens.

Manarewo said he owes it to his brother, the late Patrick Crowby to contest the April 15 by-elections because Vanuatu leaders promised the Crowby family that a Crowby would maintain the seat until 2016.

“Our leaders failed us but I will not fail my brother and family,” the 51-year-old Anglican priest whose mother, Maria Crowby, was Vanuatu’s first female UMP MP in 1987, said.

Father Crowby Manarewo is contesting under the People’s Progressive Party.

He said when the prime minister gave the assurances to the Crowby family a statesman and veteran Vanuatu politician that was elected with his mother, Maxime Carlot Korman was also present.

During the interview Father Manarewo produced land documents confirming his great ancestor Efate paramount chief Manarewo Marik Atelangi sold parcels of prominent Port Vila lands from Tagabe, to Ohlen and Freswota to traders, including John Higginson in 1882.

The rector of the Anglican Region of Port Vila and Noumea, Rev Isaac Savi, has written to Father Crowby wishing him all the best in the elections.

“I believe that Vanuatu needs such leaders with strong Christian principles,” Father Savi said in his letter to Manarewo.

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