The Government, through the Council of Ministers has appointed a National Offshore Minerals Committee to oversee the drafting of a National Offshore Minerals Policy for the country.

The first draft of the policy has now been completed and can be read and downloaded here (

The Government recognises that the decisions we make and the actions we take in performing our regulatory roles and other activities will affect our communities, our environment and other organisations in this regard.

While deep sea mining is a new frontier in the mining industry and a potential game changer to our economy, our vision is for our stakeholders and citizens to have a high level engagement in scrutinizing the Deep Sea Minerals Policy draft before its finalization.

A prerequisite consideration is whether indeed Vanuatu wants to proceed down the seabed mineral exploitation pathway at this time.

The launch of national consultations on the policy will commence with a first conference to be held from the 7th to the 9th of October 2014 at the Chiefs Nakamal in Port Vila.

Invitees include all political parties represented in Parliament, the Malvatumauri National Council of Chiefs (whose participation has been funded), the VCC, the VNCW and the National Youth Council, other NGO’s, the private sector (through the Chamber of Commerce), and overseas experts.

Interested members of the public are also invited to attend the Conference.

Following the Conference, further consultations will be undertaken in the Provinces and with different stakeholder groups.

People should go to the website to download the policy.

Submissions over internet can also be sent to Brooks Rakau, Commissioner of Mines.

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