Vanuatu’s own Trademark a step for opportunities

Local Business owner Cornelia Wyllie with VCBN General Manager, Jack Loughman during the launching of the “100%YUMI” brand and logo. Photo: Kizzy Kalsakau

The recent launching of Vanuatu ‘s new and own Trademark ‘100%YUMI’ has given Vanuatu a heads up of opportunities in exporting local products overseas.

Local business owner, Cornelia Wyllie said she is thrilled and happy to witness this occasion saying this has been a lot of talk for many years and finally its real and is happening.

Mrs Wyllie said that Fine Foods will continue doing its own thing and source from growers but at the same time we will do the Vanuatu Cooperative Business Network’s (VCBN) own products with our own facility.

“Pineapple juice is the first product that the VCBN has proposed and they are also talking about tomato sauce as well, kava and water taro, so as they get the cooperatives up and going again, and looking at different products including namambes, chillis and tomatoes, we can then work through each product line will have a clear specification done for the VCBN,” said Mrs Wyllie.

The business owner said that with this launching of Vanuatu’s new Trademark it definitely allows Vanuatu to export as well. She further comments that it will enable Vanuatu now to export without all the biosecurity hassles.

Mrs Wyllie said that Vanuatu is not a competitor in regards to the regional standards, and says that she too is not a competitor because “we think outside the box and we make things using Vanuatu products to export overseas”. She said that all other countries for example Fiji, doing repackaging, or in other words bringing in from other countries from Asia and packaging them in Fiji for re-exporting.

Responding to Vanuatu’s product level standards, Mrs Wyllie said that Vanuatu’s standard will meet the imported countries.

“If we are going into Australia, we have to meet the certain level which we do, the same goes to New Zealand and elsewhere,” she said.

“In New Caledonia, they want to follow the European standard so we understand what those standards are and because that’s a particular market for a particular product, it will be branded and labelled according to that market’s requirement.

“In Fiji, they do canning, there’s very limited flexible pouch processing in the region and we are definitely a leader.”

In regards to the launching of VCBN’s Trademark, Mrs Wyllie said that she is happy and loves the idea. She commented that it shows that Vanuatu is proud and the more that can be put forward, “100%YUMI” that will give a clear indication to the local markets as well that this is a product line that should be supported.

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