Vanuatu Presidential Party leadership pleased with Sanma election result

A crowd of members of the Vanuatu People’s Equity and Investment Fund (VPIEF) many of them members

of the VPP at the opening of the funds’ commercial centre in Luganville, Santo this year.

The dreams of the Vanuatu Presidential Party (VPP) to revive the dreams of the founding fathers of Vanuatu’s Independence has come through with the party winning two seats in the recent Santo Provincial Government Council elections, says Louis Kalnpel, the Secretary General and co-founder of the VPP.

Kalnpel says the VPP leadership including co-founders and former Presidents, George Sokomanu and Fr. John Bani are thrilled and happy about the party’s performance in the Sanma Provincial elections.

“We wish to thank the people of Santo for the history-making performance from them in voting for the Vanuatu Presidential Party, winning two seats in the council and thereby bringing back the vision of the forefathers for economic independence for the country,” he said.

He called the performance by the party’s voters the first “breakthrough” for the VPP after its formation about four years ago before the 2012 general elections.

The Sanma election result is considered a breakthrough for the party because Vanuatu Presidential Party contested its first election, the 2012 general elections, when it fielded 17 candidates in constituencies, right throughout the country, all with negative results.

As negotiations are in progress by the various parties whose members have won seats for formation of a new Government of Sanma Provincial Council, VPP is also part of these negotiations.

“Every party wants to be in the new government and we want to see if we could help contribute to the governance role of the province,” Kalnpel has confirmed.

From Santo constituency’s 15 seats in the 18-seat Sanma Provincial Council, VPP’s Evu Vitinaia, came 4th scoring 377 votes and the party’s second winner of the election, Karae Jean Claude came 8th with 277 votes.

VPP fielded 4 candidates in the election and the third, Niketui Nepol came 16th in the polls having scored 253 votes, 3 votes shy of the 15th seat winner.

The party is fielding 13 candidates in next month’s snap elections for new members of the 52-seat Parliament of Vanuatu and Louis Kalnpel says the Vanuatu Presidential Party wants to be part also in the new government of Vanuatu.

Jonas Cullwick, a former General Manager of VBTC is now a Senior Journalist with the Daily Post. Contact: Cell # 678 5460922

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