Vanuatu part of global Christian school network

For the first time ever, Vanuatu has participated in the Global Christian Network (GCSN) gathering in Timișoara, Romania.

Vanuatu was represented by Elder Johnny Albert, Director of the Presbyterian Church Christian Education, and was amongst the 16 participants, representing over 16 countries from around the world.

The 16 countries represent over 30,000 Christian Schools around the globe including Christin Schools in Hong Kong, and Macau, though the Chinese Government does not permit Christian Schools to operate on mainland China, but there are Christian Schools operating under ground in mainland China, says Elder Johnny Albert.

“The purpose of the Global Christian Schools Network is twofold. The first is to bring back Christian principles into the schools that have left out Christianity and Christian values in their curriculums and in doing so, we believe to see strong leaders emerging from Christian Schools who will uphold and maintain Christian values in the running of nations,” says Elder Albert.

He added: “In Vanuatu we are not faced with threats in Christian schools as those in other countries including China, Africa and in other parts of the world.

In Vanuatu we take it for granted that we are Christians and this is good enough and many parents could not careless if their children are taught Christian values in schools.

But when you see what’s happening to Christians and Christian schools in other parts of the world, then you realized how important it is to make sure your child or children need to know about christian principles and values not only at home and in the churches they go to, but also in schools, whether be a christian or government Schools”.

He said African countries provides 25,000 christian schools, while other countries less while the Presbyterian of Vanuatu caters for 15 christian schools, excluding other churches or denominations which Elder Albert believes would bring the total to over 50 christian schools in Vanuatu.

“This is very encouraging, Churches in Vanuatu need to maintain this figure and growing more and at the same time dialogue with the Government authorities to ensure all schools in the country include Christian teachings in their curriculum,” he said.

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