Vanuatu Insurance Brokers are locally focused, nationally resourced and internationally endorsed

Vanuatu Insurance Brokers Tibao Bani, Bob Sanders and Andina Tari are

locally focused, nationally resourced and internationally endorsed by Aon.

Aon Corporation, the leading global provider of risk management and insurance services and Vanuatu’s principal insurance service since 2000 is now independently owned and trading as Vanuatu Insurance Brokers Ltd.

The transition has taken nine months to achieve after Aon (New Zealand) approached its Vanuatu based General Manager Mr. Bob Sanders to purchase the brokerage and transform it to a Vanuatu company.

“Forming Vanuatu Insurance Brokers Ltd is important for Vanuatu. We wanted to ensure that Vanuatu continues to be backed by the international power of Aon going forward as Vanuatu develops and grows,” said Mr. Sanders.

“Vanuatu Insurance Brokers are locally focused on serving Vanuatu, nationally resourced with an outstanding local team of experienced insurance professionals, and we are internationally endorsed by Aon Corporation, the world’s leading provider of risk management and insurance services.”

“We will continue to focus on providing outstanding brokerage services that cater for everyone – whether you are a corporate client, small business, community group, family or individual,” said Mr. Sanders.

“Our locally based team are from all over Vanuatu and offshore, and have a deep understanding of Vanuatu’s unique insurance circumstances, industries and local markets, and are focused on serving Vanuatu’s local community’s insurance requirements.

Vanuatu Insurance Brokers is also committed to educating Vanuatu’s community about the importance of having cyclone insurance and the correct insurances for any natural hazard that can negatively impact on business and living in Vanuatu.

“Vanuatu is the world’s most ‘at-risk’ country in the world for natural hazards so no one should be complacent about insurance in


“We want your insurance to hold up to whatever the weather throws at it, and especially to have peace of mind if you are buying property.”

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