Vanuatu currently facing warm weather condition

Vanuatu’s Meteorologist, Robson Tigona said the current warm weather conditions within the country over the past days is a result of the Summer season in Vanuatu.

Mr Tigona also stated that we are also in the cyclone season and there is a likely chance the country could be heading towards an El Nino risk.

“There is about 70% chance of an El Nino to hit Vanuatu this year but it seems as its impacts have arrived earlier than we expected”, said Mr Tigona.

He also said the Meteo department has confirmed the next update for El Nino on the 4th of December. He further elaborated that the department has put in place an El Nino alert which they will closely monitor to provide accurate updates for the people.

Cyclone seasons in Vanuatu range from November to March annually however, Mr Tigona said that if an El Nino is present, cyclones are likely to form near Fiji, Cook Islands and Tuvalu.

He said that high risk areas such as Vanuatu, will see cyclone risks shifted to the eastern Pacific.

Mr Tigona told Daily Post that El Nino can shift cyclone risks but it doesn’t mean Vanuatu is free from cyclone risks effectively. He warned that the highest peak of cyclone risks in the Pacific region is from January to March.

He concluded by saying that if an El Nino is present in the country, we are likely to face a cyclone in January to March of 2019.

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