Vanuatu could tap into Portugal tourism expertise

Ambassador of Portugal to Vanuatu Paulo Jorge Sousa

Vanuatu is determined to tap into the Portugal expertise in the areas of tourism sector.

Head of State, Baldwin Lonsdale, said this when he welcomed the new Ambassador of Portugal to Vanuatu last week.

Like Vanuatu, tourism plays an important role in the economic growth of Portugal, the Head of State highlighted.

“Your wealth of knowledge in the means of diversification in time of crisis is something that Vanuatu can learn from.”

Ambassador Paulo Jorge Sousa on the other hand noted similar challenges that both countries share- the impact of climate change.

“This is a global problem and a challenge for all mankind and Portugal is doing its fair share.”

As of last year, renewable energy sources in Portugal amounted to 64% of total energy production, on one of the most exemplary cases in the EU.

Vanuatu and Portugal formally began their diplomatic relations in 1983.

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