VANUATU CHURCH PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM (VCPP) COORDINATORS (Back row from left): Richard Tatwin – PCV Health, Raynold Tony – AOGV, Rucinta Vora – CCCV, Graham Uzakana – ADRA/SDA, Jonathan Tarip – PCV Education (Front row sitting from right): Ruth Dovo – VCC, Gracetella

The Vanuatu Church Partnership Program Coordinators met for the first time 4 – 5 November 2014, since the new phase of VCPP commenced in September 2014, sharing, learning together and supporting one another with ideas to better implement as a group the VCPP program activities.

The Vanuatu church organizations, which currently form the partnership program are namely the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu (PCV), Anglican Church Of Melanesia Vanuatu (ACOMV), Seventh Day Adventist (SDA), Churches of Christ  Conference Vanuatu (CCCV), Assemblies of God Vanuatu (AOGV), Apostolic Church Vanuatu (ACV) and the Vanuatu Christian Council (VCC). The Vanuatu Church partners currently work in close collaborations with VCPP Australian NGO (ANGO) partners namely the Uniting World, Act for Peace, ADRA, and the Anglican Board of Mission.

The main areas that the new phase VCPP is focusing on are Health (Eye & Dental services and NCD awareness) coordinated by PCV, Education (Library, teacher development & Literacy & Numeracy) coordinated by PCV & ACOM, WASH (water & sanitation) coordinated by SDA/ADRA Vanuatu and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) coordinated by VCC.

The core funding for this new phase VCPP comes from the Australian Government DFAT Australian Aid, as well as funds from our ANGO partners for some program activities, for which the Vanuatu Church partners are very grateful, to the Australian Government and our ANGO partners.

The new phase VCPP is a further development of the past 5 years experience by VCPP partners, which was shown to be a very effective program in delivering beneficial developments to our church communities.

It is a vision of the current partners in the Vanuatu Church Partnership Program that they will grow stronger together and as a group continue the role of VCPP as a development tool for the VCC and its member churches into the future.

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