Vanuatu China Alumni Association to be formed Alumni members

Alumni members pose with Minister of Education, Jean-Pierre Nirua, Chinese Ambassador, Liu Quan, and Embassy staff at the Chinese government scholarship awarding ceremony.

By Jonas Cullwick

An alumni association of Vanuatu students who studied in China is to be formed possibly with the assistance of the Chinese Embassy staff in Port Vila.

The idea of such an association was reinforced at the recent awarding ceremony of the Chinese government scholarships for study in China for 22 successful recipients at the new Chinese Embassy building in Port Vila.

Since the start of the program in early 2000, the number of students who received Chinese government scholarships to study at universities in China has increased from less than 10 at the start to 13 last year and the highest number of 22 this year. Also the number of successful students completing their studies and returning with bachelors, masters and phds is increasing.

Although, an increasing number are finding employment in government and the private sector, some continue to find it difficult to find jobs.

Here is a list of some possible alumni members invited to the latest Chinese government scholarship awarding celebration who spent between five to eight years studying in China with their qualifications and where they are working or not working: Nicholson Boe – Bachelor in Communications and Information Technology, working at Digicel; Tiro Leo – Bachlor in Management (Major in Hotel Management) and Masters in Tourism Science (Major in Tourism, working at Holiday Inn; Rebecca Bogiri – Masters in Economics and PHD in Economics, working at PHAMA Program; Patterson Saru – Bachelor in Civil Engineering and Masters in Structural Engineering, working with Mainguy Consultants; Andrew Napuat – Bachelor in Geographical Information Systems and is returning to China for his Masters study; Lydian Siba – Bachelor of Laws is still looking for a job; Kaylene Kalmos – Bachelor of Surgery and Bachelor of Medicine is working at Vila Central Hospital; Nettie Joseph – Bachelor of Accounting and Financial Management is with the Ministry of Climate Change; Luisa Sami – Bachelor of Communications Engineering and Masters in Communications Engineering is still looking for a job; David Rongo – Bachelor in Real Estate Management is working with First National Real Estate; and Wilford Patunvanu – Bachelor in Communications Engineering and Masters in Communications Engineering is working with TVL.

Jonas Cullwick, a former General Manager of VBTC is now a Senior Journalist with the Daily Post. Contact: Cell # 678 5460922

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