Vanuatu celebrated its national Constitution Day yesterday morning at the Constitution Building at the centre of Port Vila town.

A parade led by the Vanuatu Mobile Force (VMF) and the VMF band marched diligently through the live orchestral performance as they unsealed the ceremonial celebration which marked the 39th anniversary of the Signing of Vanuatu’s Constitution.

Afterwards, the VMF welcomed Prime Minister Charlot Salwai with a general salute before he was led to his seat by the patio. The President arrived minutes later and likewise received his general salute before he was escorted with the Guard of Honor to inspect the upended forces.

Distinguished Guests and Leaders were seated before the building as the Head of State, Obed Moses Tallis delivered his formal speech.

“Today, our country Vanuatu is deemed as an independent and Constitutional Republic. Each year, we honor the 5th of October and celebrate our Constitution Day with many speeches, ceremonies and special activities on all different islands of Vanuatu.

“It is a special day as we celebrate the existence of our Mother Law, which binds all our islands together into a nation which protects our freedom.

“In reality, the Constitution offers us, the people of Vanuatu unity and freedom.

“Unity and freedom in the Constitution subsists upon three substantial things; Traditional Melanesian Values, Faith in God and Christian Principles.

“This unity and freedom comes with great responsibilities and has been given to all man and woman so we can all work together to achieve a unified and free sovereign nation.”

“Despite ongoing struggles, we can overcome each challenge by altering them into achievements if we continue to take pride in our struggles for freedom, think heavily to protect the fruits of our struggles, respect and treasure our origins, language and culture, be determined in our destiny, maintain all values and observations on unity and freedom and carry out all responsibilities under the Constitution.”

The Head of State concluded by appealing to everyone to remember the struggle fought for freedom, to “strengthen all primary values which builds the Constitution and lastly, to everyone under the Constitution, to carry out all fundamental responsibilities in the name of unity and free republic of Vanuatu”.

After the President’s remarks, the delegation of leaders gathered for a kava drinking ceremony.

The festive drew to an end with VMF band and forces marching out of the ceremony, leaving the guests and leaders as they assembled for refreshments at the Constitution building.

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