Vanua’aku Pati brokers deal to lead new Council

Councilor Cakau brings the total number of women councilors in the new PVMC to six.

By Jane Joshua

A Vanua’aku Pati (VP) elected councilor in the March 7th Municipal election has been tipped to head the new Port Vila Municipal Council (PVMC).

The new Mayor-to-be is a councilor who supported the election of the last PVMC Mayor from the Reunification of Movement for Change (RMC) party in the last council.

A councilor from Prime Minister Charlot Salwai’s RMC’s party has been earmarked to fill the second top post in the Municipal Council — Deputy Mayor.

Daily Post has been reliably informed that VP has brokered the deal to form the next council with RMC, which has three councilors, Vanuatu Green Confederation which has two councilors, the Union of Moderate Parties councilor, the United Movement for Vanuatu People councilor and an independent councilor.

Councilors from these parties are expected to be appointed as chairman of various working committees in the council.

Members of the public have been following reports of lobbying between the various political parties to form the new council in the aftermaths of the election, with signing of agreements by winning candidates.

VP’s bid to field eight candidates – two women and six men in the election not only saw the party securing the highest number of councilors in the 17-seat council but also its female candidate Pascalyne Cakau, successfully winning one of the three general seats up for grabs in the Central Ward.

As expected, this has sparked a debate on the necessity of using reserve seats, when women have proven themselves more than capable of securing seats alongside the male contenders in the general seat category.

It is a positive sign that people are adjusting themselves to voting for women leaders into the council.

Parliament passed the historic amendment to the Municipalities Act, providing for reserved seats for women in the municipal councils five years ago.

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